• CO


    Veterans Coalition of San Luis Valley

    Survey in progress

  • AK

    Alaska (Statewide)

    Alaska Forget Me Not Coalition

    Here is one of the challenges the Alaska Forget Me Not Coalition is tackling:

    "Transportation  is  a  huge  issue  in  our  state  because  most  communities  are  not  connected  to the  road  system.  Many  service  providers  try  to  travel  together  or  cross  train  in  order  to provide  the  most  amount  of  services  possible  when  traveling  to  remote  areas."

  • NM


    New Mexico Community Veterans Engagement Board

    The New Mexico Community Veterans Engagement Board sees these as the top needs of Veterans in Albuquerque:

    "Understanding  benefits,  benefit  application  process,  availability  of  services,  mental  and behavioral  health  access"

  • MI

    Ann Arbor

    Southeast Michigan Prosperity Region

    Survey in progress

  • WI


    Fox Valley Veterans Council, Inc.

    Top veteran needs: housing, utilities, car repair, education needs.

  • AZ

    Arizona (Statewide)

    Arizona Coalition for Military Families

    "We focus on equipping people and organizations throughout our community with information and training. This includes roles as diverse as librarians and first responders to human resource professionals and faith-based staff and volunteers. The idea is that anyone can be an open to door to connect a veteran or family into the resource system."

  • NC


    Blue Ridge Veterans Community Partnership

    “The rural nature of our community makes it challenging for Veterans to access resources and services and for organizations to effectively outreach to Veterans.”

  • GA


    Augusta Warrior Project

    "Top needs of Veterans in the community are “prevention funds, affordable housing, transportation, and single parent with children-transitional housing.”

  • FL

    Bay Pines

    Bay Pines/Pinellas Community Veteran Engagement Board

    Survey in progress

  • AL


    Jefferson County CVEB

    Survey in progress

  • PA


    Greater Butler Community Veterans Collaborative Board

    "We educate veterans, we conduct open forums, and help educate veterans about the services offered by the VA."

  • SC


    Lowcountry Veterans Engagement Team

    "SCServes is the primary receiver of acute needs within the Veteran community. Behind them are LVET members from the Tri-County Veteran Support Network and the SC Army National Guard Family Program."