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A commitment to collaboration

Our Local Partner collaboratives are cross-sector groups of stakeholders that either coordinate or directly provide services to veterans in their communities. As members of the NVI ecosystem, they commit to share insight about the current needs of veterans, and what barriers remain at the community level. Our National Partners are large-scale subject matter expert organizations that provide wisdom, resources, and influence to help NVI's Local Partners build their capacities to collaborate for impact, run effective and sustainable organizations, and remove barriers to excellent veterans' well-being outcomes. Together, our Local and National Partners promote systemic change.

Working with stakeholders as partners

The sustainability and impact of our ecosystem rely on the collective capacity of our partners to grow and learn together. Accordingly, NVI has collaborated with our National Partners and a team of consultants at RAND to research and develop a set of unique tools to guide our Local Partners through ongoing data collection, self-assessment, and strategic planning. The insights gained from these tools illuminate what our Local Partners need to build and sustain their collaboratives. With this information, we facilitate shared learning and provide limited collaboration funding opportunities for Local Partners in good standing.

National Partners

We cultivate partnerships with public and private organizations that can contribute subject matter expertise, convening authority, and/or deliver significant resources to our Local Partners as they mature in their collaborative work, based on what Local Partners tell us they need in order to to build capacity and learn.

Local Partners

Our Local Partner collaboratives work to improve how stakeholders meet the needs of veterans where they are. We support them individually and in cohorts based on geographic or learning needs, engage them as stakeholders of a national ecosystem, create opportunities for shared learning, and curate thought leadership resources and opportunities that can inform how they improve systems at the local level.

Convening intentional learning cohorts

Each NVI Local Partner is assigned to a regional and experience cohort, based on geography, organizational maturity, and other factors. Local Partners are also invited to join subject matter cohorts on an ongoing basis.

Experience cohorts

Given the spectrum of maturity that collaboratives experience on the collective impact journey, we offer programs targeted to address the distinct challenges of three levels:

   LevelPrimary challengesFocus areas
 Starterorganizing memberships; identifying/prioritizing goals; funding backbone; developing data strategystrategic planning; member involvement 
Intermediateservice delivery; leveraging technology; implementing strategygovernance; evaluation; technology; service delivery
 Maturescaling; coralling members; service design; interpreting data; amplifying impactevaluation and improvement; governance
Regional cohorts

By bringing together Local Partners who share geographical proximity, we can expand our impact across county boundaries and coordinate regional efforts.

Subject matter cohorts

Our topic areas are tied to the collective impact components of success, so that every offering reinforces skills and tactics that each collaborative needs to implement key collaboration strategies to meet the needs of veterans and their families.

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    Strategic Planning

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    Evaluation and Improvement

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    Governance Infrastructure

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    Member Involvement

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    Service Delivery Integration

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Join our network of Local Partners

First, see if there is an active collaborative in your area. You may be surprised to find that there is already a group with momentum working on issues that you care about. 

If there's not a veterans collaborative in your area, submit your application and we'll review it. If approved, we'll ask you to sign a mutual commitment letter and complete a guided self-assessment so that we can assign you to intentional learning cohorts and tailor our programming to your needs.

You'll start receiving scholarship opportunities, invitations to private shared learning events, and collaboration funding opportunities.

In the meantime, you and all members of your collaborative are welcome to attend public events listed on our events calendar and explore the resources available in our resource library.