It is also important to give some thought to measuring progress. How will you know what is changing? How will you track and share your “lessons learned”? How will you know when your goals have been met? How will you know if you have improved access and decreased variability in outcomes for those you serve?

Local collaboratives have a strong desire for more complete, accurate and timely data. They currently have a wide-range of ad hoc, and insufficient approaches to collect, store and analyze data about both needs, service utilization and impact.

“With the right data, we would be able to make changes to work flow faster to improve efficiency and our overall ability to successful assist Veterans with their needs.”

Most collaboratives are on the “front-end” of creating systems for collecting and using data and information. There is a stronger focus on data related to Veteran outreach and understanding Veteran needs than there is on tracking utilization, support and the results of collaborative work

“We need resources for research, data, and analysis.”

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