Better data means better decisions.

Our community survey is completed voluntarily by our Local Partner Collaboratives. These members comprise cross-sector, community-based groups that commit to collaborate and learn with each other, NVI, and other stakeholders. As we build the country’s capacity to support the successful reintegration of our veterans, the results of this unique-in-the-nation survey contribute to the nation’s growing body of knowledge about how American communities serve veterans. 

NVI was established to anchor a collective purpose and impart a strategic approach to the very fast-growing, but often hard-to-navigate veterans services landscape. Together with national partners that help NVI support local communities, we are modeling the values of the “collective impact” methodology at the community level. 

Two core principles guide both our work, and our presentation of data:

  • Collaborating for impact is smart. Collaborative efforts have been documented the world over to spur magnificent impact in creating social change that improves human lives and strengthens communities. On a challenging American landscape proliferated by over 45,000 veteran-facing nonprofit organizations established since 9/11 alone, collaboratives have the potential to accelerate impact for veterans by inviting all stakeholders to be accountable to standards, identifying and fostering the conditions for efficacy and best practices, and creating opportunities for people across all sectors to sit at the table as stakeholders and leaders in veteran wellness. Collaboratives also have the game-changing capacity of procuring and reporting on cross-sector data that can inform both local and national efficacy in service to veterans.
  • Communities are where change takes root; what is learned at the local level can inform system and policy change on the national stage. After service, America’s military men and women return to communities and families, not to federal agencies. Setting and upholding standards for, engaging stakeholders in, sharing quality information about, and sustaining interest in community-based collaboration in service to our veterans, are critical components of a 21st century approach to honoring the social contract we’ve made with those who serve in uniform. NVI is committed to serve as a leader and convener of a new American social movement by facilitating the establishment and excellence of, documenting the learnings from, and packaging as initiatives for impact, the insights and capabilities of a nationwide ecosystem of community-based collaboratives dedicated to sustainable impact in the lives of veterans.

The charts on the pages below illustrate the cumulative and up-to-date responses to our community survey, culled from the answers to 31 text-based questions posed to 74 NVI partner communities between July 2017 and January 2019. Where the “N” value is greater than 74, communities provided multiple or multi-part responses to questions.

As NVI’s ecosystem grows, we will expand administration of the survey and update the data. Sharing and leveraging the information gleaned from our local and national partners is a vital contribution to building knowledge about the veteran-serving landscape and expanding the networks of support for our military and veterans, their families, their caregivers and their survivors.

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