• NM


    New Mexico Community Veterans Engagement Board

    Survey in progress

  • MI

    Ann Arbor

    Southeast Michigan Prosperity Region

    Survey in progress

  • NC


    Blue Ridge Veterans Community Partnership

    “The rural nature of our community makes it challenging for Veterans to access resources and services and for organizations to effectively outreach to Veterans.”

  • GA


    Augusta Warrior Project

    "Top needs of Veterans in the community are “prevention funds, affordable housing, transportation, and single parent with children-transitional housing.”

  • PA


    Greater Butler Community Veterans Collaborative Board

    "We educate veterans, we conduct open forums, and help educate veterans about the services offered by the VA."

  • NC


    Piedmont Veterans Coalition

    "As our primary mission to address systemic issues, we want to and ways to determine what these are and address them in a way that reduces the impact to our veterans."

  • OH


    Tristate Veterans Community Alliance

    “We strongly believe that the system should not wait for a crisis before enagaging Veterans. Our Veterans Processing Center is set up as a "welcome center" geared for newly transitioning Veterans planning on accessing career and educational resources in the community. In addition to that we have a variety of non-service options including: quarterly Veteran storytelling events, monthly group volunteer days, and a regular presence at sporting events (especially the Cincinnati Reds).”

  • OH


    Greater Miami Valley MyVeteran Community

    “We host an annual Veterans Moving Forward event to connect Veterans with Services; Public Service Interviews; Speakers Bureau; Public Outreach; participation in the Dayton Region Military Collaborative; VetsLink – Vets resources database and 24/7 call-in referral system.”

  • CO


    United Veterans Committee

    Survey in progress

  • MT

    Fort Harrison / Helena

    Montana Joining Community Forces

    “For 2018, JCF plans to hire a VISTA volunteer to handle routine, clerical activities in order to free the Co-Chairs’ time for development and execution of our missions and goals.”

  • FL

    Fort Lauderdale

    Mission United of Broward County

    “Mission United of Broward County provides centralized intake, triage, and case management. Mission United case managers function as system navigators, and as such connect Veterans with services, supports, and resources.”

  • IN

    Fort Wayne

    Northeast Indiana Base Community Council

    "Our organization has the desire to continue working with other groups in our community to establish a military community cabinet, advocate for military and veteran workforce development, and establish network of community partners that can help support the initiatives we hope to achieve."

  • TX

    Ft. Worth

    Mission United - United Way of Tarrant County

    Top needs in the Fort Worth community are: "shelter, financial assistance and transportation."

  • MI


    Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition

    “The Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition is the hub for Veteran services, as connected through the network of Coalition Partners and Veterans Community Network.”

  • SC


    Upstate Veterans Alliance Network

    "Top three priorities for growth of Veteran support system are, “formalized partnerships between support organizations; common referral system web based platform; and resources/support from local government and chambers of commerce.”

  • NC


    East Carolina Veterans Coalition

    "There are a variety of organizations that offer a disperse and uncoordinated level of support to veterans in the region. One of the principal goals of the ECVC is to coordinate these efforts to better organize and consolidate the services."

  • TX


    Combined Arms

    “Through our online assessment portal, clients can create a profile and then take a self-driven assessment to identify and learn about resources they need and qualify for. Upon choosing a resource with an organization, our system alerts that organization to reach out to the Veteran within 96 hours. Combined Arms helps direct those resources, reduce redundancies, and guarantee contact from our organizations.”

  • AL


    Still Serving Veterans

    “The primary challenge is organizations trying to protect their turf and looking at Veteran services as a competition for dollars rather than an outlet to help as many Veterans as possible.”

  • IN


    Mayors' Advisory Council for Veterans

    Survey in progress

  • MS


    Mississippi Community Veteran Engagement Board

    Survey in progress

  • WA


    Lacey Veteran’s Hub

    Survey in progress

  • FL

    Lake & Sumter Counties

    United Way of Lake & Sumter Counties / Mission United

    "Top needs of Veterans in Lake and Sumnter counties are “medical, housing, employment, and legal services.”

  • WA

    Lake Stevens

    City of Lake Stevens Veterans Commission

    “We believe we have ample resources available in our community. The goal is to thoroughly identify them and then establish ‘operational coordination.’ We do desire to have at least 1.0 FTE (an employee) to coordinate the Veteran Commission.”

  • KS


    Kansas and Missouri counties Community Veteran Engagement Board (KSMOCVEB)

    Five year goals: “facilitate state laws in Kansas and Missouri to support various needs of Veterans; have a well known list to access Veterans community services; develop a supportive bridge for Veterans and their families at risk; assist in establishing a state-funded Veterans Home in our service area of Kansas counties; build a sustainable CVEB.”

  • KY


    Veterans Resources of Central / Southeastern Kentucky

    "We make every effort to be advocates for the veteran population. We believe we have made great progress, since the Lexington Fayette County Urban Government has recognized that there is a growing need to reach out and serve our veteran population and make Central Kentucky a more friendly environment for veterans and their families."

  • NE


    Nebraska Veteran Resource Committee

    "Top needs in our community include: mental health to include suicide prevention, transportation to get to work and medical appointments, education and training." 

  • NE


    Veterans Initiative -- program of the Lincoln Foundation

    The Lincoln Community Foundation’s Veteran Support Initiative is made up of six task forces. Each task force seeks to identify needs of veterans within our community, share best practices within their network and act where appropriate and effective. 

  • NY

    Long Island

    Mission United - United Way of Long Island

    "United Way of Long Island's Mission United initiative is the catalyst bringing together diverse nonprofit organizations serving veterans, the corporate community and government veteran agencies to develop and support programs that assist veterans in need and their families. Mission United raises funds to support veteran-serving organizations as well as engages in direct employment & job training programs for veterans."

  • CA

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Region Community Veterans Engagement Board (LAR-CVEB)

    “An average of 290 Veterans are housed by homeless service providers every month across Los Angeles County.”

  • ME


    Down East Maine Military Community Network

    Survey in progress

  • GA


    Mission United – United Way of Central Georgia

    “Veteran Education Career Transition Resource Center (VECTR) tracks numbers served by GA Dept. of Veterans Service in their facility: number seeking education, training and employment assistance; and number referred to other helping agencies. Our program is just starting so we have not yet begun tracking data.”

  • NC


    Manteo N.C. Dare County Veterans Advisory Council

    Goals for 2018: "To continue supporting the VSO in our County; to continue to reach out to 4000 veterans in the county through weekly newspaper columns in both local papers written by council members; to seek HUD funding to support local charitable organizations serving homeless vets; to participate in local events to make our veterans aware of our existence and the help we can provide; Continue our Dare County Veterans Card program: to issue more cards to eligible veterans and to add more businesses that honor the card by providing discounts." 

  • WV


    Four State Community Veterans Engagement Board

    "One of our primary challenges is "support and understanding of our primary employers". We are a dedicated group of concerned community members who spear head and work this initiative without pay. "

  • FL


    Mission United - United Way of Miami-Dade

    “We are a unifier – building community by helping people and organizations work together. If we can’t help a Veteran, we’ll find a group that will and we case manage the process.”

  • TN

    Mountain Home

    Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council (TC-MAC)

    “We are proud of the regional patriotism, and the willingness to engage in assisting the Veteran community. The area’s private business sector is very supportive of Veteran and military needs.”

  • IL

    N. Chicago

    Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation

    “Based on our experiences serving consumers and collaborating with partner agencies, top Veteran needs are: meaningful employment and career assistance; physical and mental health services, guidance and support; legal assistance, especially for family matters; connection and socialization with others who served.”

  • TN


    Nashville Serving Veterans Community Board

    The Nashville Serving Veterans Community Board is developing "a single credible source of trusted information and guidance."

  • NY

    New York

    NY Metro Community Veterans Engagement Board

    “The VA, NYS, and NYC track client relationships officially. Nonprofits do so officially and unofficially. An emerging resource/clearinghouse is NYServes, an online database.”

  • NJ


    Veterans and Community Collaborative Network

    "The mission of the MyVA New Jersey Veteran and Community Collaborative Network is to assist veterans of all eras in navigating available benefits through identification and integration of existing VA and community –based programs. We understand the diverse nature of the veteran community and strive to become a meaningful resource toward attaining healthcare, supportive services and information and benefits earned through their military service."

  • ND

    North Dakota

    ND Cares Coalition

    "ND Cares is a state level program that has developed strategic objectives for engagement.  We work to connect people and entities with each other to enhance support to Service members, Veterans, Families, and Survivors (SMVFS)."

  • FL


    Mission United Orlando

    “Central Florida is growing rapidly. We would like to ensure that Veterans are able to become part of the transformation and given a platform to continue to serve here at home.”

  • FL


    Pensacola Veterans Support Organizations Network

    “The top needs of Veterans in our community are: 1. More appropriate and responsive healthcare 2. Housing/support for homeless Veterans 3. Employment assistance 4. Transition assistance for those on active duty to life as a civilian.”

  • PA


    Delaware Valley Veterans Consortium

    "Our primary role is in informing our member organizations of the services available from their fellow members of DVVC. During our quarterly membership meetings, we present professional development and education seminars that advance the knowledge of our membership of what exists within the Philadelphia area, and within DVVC, to help veterans and opportunities for the organizations to network among themselves to provide cooperative joint services to the Veteran community."

  • AZ


    Arizona’s Military/Veteran Community Network

    Survey in progress

  • AZ


    Military/Veteran Community Network-Northern Arizona

    Survey in progress

  • NY


    Veterans Outreach Center

    Survey in progress

  • UT

    Salt Lake City

    United Way 2-1-1

    The United Way 2-1-1 is in the beginning stages in developing a community collaboratives to better serve Veterans in Utah.

  • CA

    San Francisco

    Bay Area Community Veterans Engagement Board

    Survey in progress

  • WA


    MyVA Puget Sound Community Engagement Board

    Survey in progress

  • IN

    South Bend

    Vets' Community Connections

    "Our goal is to reach the Veterans without acute needs by providing a simple connection with community members as opposed to coordinated services. We are equipped to share those acute need resources with veterans but we strive to meet all needs, not just the acute."

  • NJ

    Southern New Jersey

    MyVA Southern New Jersey

    The top Veterans needs in Southern New Jersey are transportation, behavioral health needs and financial assistance.

  • WA


    Veterans First Board

    “Our mission is to connect Veterans to services, to synergize what is going on from a strategic level and make progress smoother. We are a work of progress at 3 months old.”

  • MO

    St. Louis

    Gateway Community Veterans Engagement Board

    Survey in progress

  • NY


    Clear Path for Veterans Inc. at Central New York Community Veterans Engagement Board

    “In the next five years, we would like to inspire other communities in best practices and education, provide a place that accommodates Veterans and their families from other areas, and become a community where Veterans choose to live.”

  • FL

    Tampa / Sarasota

    Mission United – United Way Suncoast (Tampa Bay Area)

    “A primary challenge our community faces in its effort to support/honor Veterans is the implementation of a consolidated collaborative approach and follow through from providers.”

  • AZ


    Southern Arizona Military/Veteran Community Network

    Survey in progress

  • TX


    East Texas Veterans Alliance

    Survey in progress

  • MI

    West Michigan (Grand Rapids)

    West Michigan Veterans Coalition

    Survey in progress

  • DE


    MyVA Community Delaware

    Survey in progress

  • NC


    Triad Community Veterans Community Coalition

    Survey in progress