To foster cooperation and innovation in this first phase, NVI will support local partners with a $2,000 grant for collaboration projects that align with our mission.

To apply for a one-time grant just follow these three simple steps:

  • Fill out the Community Commitment Form and commit to collaborate
  • Complete a Community Collaborative survey about your community
  • Receive collaboration funding

All applicants must agree to accelerate the pace of change for veterans in their community by pledging to act in alignment with collaboration principles; to provide their community with collaborative leadership; and to reinforce the strength of the network of community collaboratives across the country.


  • Include community members in the collaborative effort and work with them to develop and refine a common agenda that includes problems, goals, and guiding principles
  • Recruit cross-sector partners and cultivate leaders with unique system leadership skills
  • Build a culture that fosters relationships, trust, and respect and embraces equity
  • Use data to continuously learn, adapt, and improve
  • Use date to inform strategy and guide learning
  • Focus on program and system strategies customized for local context and define and track progress using agreed-upon indicators


  • Serve as the backbone organization of the veteran collaborative in your community and allow NVI to publicly recognize you as such
  • Designate a fiscal agent to receive and disseminate NVI collaboration funds
  • Champion military and veteran residents and community collaboration and impact
  • Collect and disseminate data and information about the contributions veterans make to the community and to the growing network of NVI communities
  • Connect service providers and funders to ensure greater coordination and efficacy


  • Interact with NVI on strategy, community engagement, and shared measurement
  • Contribute to the development of NVI capabilities by participating in convenings and interviews
  • Share feedback on the utility and value of NVI support mechanisms -- Collaboration Funding, Veteran Ecosystem Data, Learning and Sharing Platform, Opportunities for Public Private Partnerships
  • Participate in NVI meetings (1-2 per year) and come prepared for discussion, active listening, and respectful dialogue