Collaborate for impact

National Veterans Intermediary is for communities that collaborate or want to collaborate more effectively to serve all Veterans and their families across the country. Communities collaborating to support Veterans come in all shapes and sizes.

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NVI is a catalyst

We believe that there is an opportunity for the networks of Veterans’ stakeholders to work together more effectively and efficiently to increase impact.

What’s the NVI?

Pioneered by the Bob Woodruff Foundation, the National Veterans Intermediary will harness, support and amplify the efforts of government agencies, local communities, collaboratives and non-profit providers to improve outcomes for Veterans within and across all communities.

We are here to invest in, support and champion the impact of community collaboration. We are not a community collaborative or Veterans’ service provider.

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What We Offer

The network of Veteran’s services is complex, fragmented and lonely to navigate. Access and outcomes are highly variable across and within our country’s communities.

Leveraging the best ideas from the public and private sectors, the National Veterans Intermediary offers communities capabilities at no charge to stimulate change, for example:

Ecosystem Data
Collaboration Funding
Learning & Collaboration
Public-Private Collaboration

How We Work

Act as an agnostic convener for the Veterans ecosystem
Align national and local stakeholders around a common purpose
Assess community collaboration experience and effectiveness and bring resources to bear as necessary
Encourage autonomy in the local communities and avoid creating hierarchy
Champion collective impact and do not endorse or prescribe a particular model for community collaboration
Support the great work already being done, and foster collaboration through the sharing of ideas
Seek to catalyze change where needed, but we do not seek to compete
Aspire to maximize resources and ideas, not re-invent pre-existing solutions
Collect and analyze data, translating its findings into enhanced service delivery

NVI enables and/or reinforces networks within and across communities to catalyze impact across the country.

Desired impact for the country

A national, cross-sector view of the work and impact in the Veteran space in all states
Opportunities for communities to collaborate with each other (e.g. participation in national learning / sharing; collaboration funding and public-private partnership opportunities)
More informed policy based on standard measures and data-informed insights – (e.g. a voice for communities that advocates nationally)


The National Veterans Intermediary wants to recognize your community collaboration. If you’re ready to commit or want to learn more, submit your information below: